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Moral Story: An Old Man Was Selling Eggs On The Street.


An old man was selling eggs on the street.

A woman got out of her car, came to him and asked him, “How much do you sell eggs for?”

The old salesman replied: “$0.50 an egg, ma’am

She said, “I’m gonna take 6 eggs for $2.5 or I’m going.”

The old seller replied: “Buy them at the price you want, ma’am.”

Maybe it’s a good start for me because I couldn’t sell a single egg today and I need to live”.

She bought her eggs at that price and left with the feeling she won.

She entered her elegant car and went to an elegant restaurant with her friend.

She and her friend ordered what they wanted. They ate a little and left a lot of what they asked for.

So they paid the check. It was $400. The ladies gave $500 and asked the owner of that restaurant to keep the money as a tip.

The story might seem pretty normal to the owner of the luxury restaurant, but very unfair to the egg vendor…

The point is: Why do we always act strong when we buy from the poor? And why are we generous with those who don’t need our generosity?

“Spend money to make a character but don’t spend character to make money.”